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Decan S1 enables third production line

EPAC expects to do many great things this year. To serve you even better and run production even faster, we will have access to a Hanwha Decan S1 pick and place machine soon. This machine will be used to set up a third SMT line, allowing us to produce up to 50 percent more.

We did not choose the Decan S1 lightly. A major benefit is a significantly increased speed compared to the SM482Plus, of which we already have three in use. Because both machines are from Hanwha, it is easy to put the Decan S1 into production quickly. All the programs that we currently use can also be used on the Decan S1, which means that our operators can start working straight away.

Besides, thanks to the improved megapixel fly cams and nozzles, the Decan can place 03015 components on the fly. This is only possible because the Decan S1 features increased accuracy and repeatability with much greater precision.

So, in a nutshell, the Decan S1 allows for higher precision and fast component placement and is easy to implement in our workflow.

Wondering what this new SMT-line can do for you? Please contact us.

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