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Our strength in product assembly is our flexibility created by dedicated people with good craftsmanship abilities combined with the investments done in the last years in renewing our machinery park. Our SMT Department, supported by their existing equipment setup is able to produce complex products in combination with "High mix-Low volume" and "Low mix-High volume". The department is structured in two production lines. The small line is specially prepared for prototypes and small series and have one Pick&Place machine and screen-printer. The big line is ready for big quantities and works with a total speed of approximately 30000 components per hour.


Paste depositing

For the pasta depositing, we rely on three screen printers E by DEK from ASM - 2019. Both of them are equipped with automatic paste inspection (Eagle Eye) and they can deposit both pasta and SMT glue. Machines are equipped by sets of squeegees from 200 to 610 mm.


SMT Pick & Place machines

For placing the components we use three brand new Hanwha(Samsung) SM482plus and one Decan S1 machines. Every one of them is equipped with 8 high-resolution cameras and six heads each. With them, we can place from smallest 0201 components to big connectors, sockets, BGA's, etc.


Reflow soldering

Our three reflow ovens supports a wide range of products with big complexity. With 7,9 and 10 heating zones, it gives to us big flexibility in profiling. To set up correctly the temperature profile for soldering of every component we use specialized profiler KIC X5 - 2018. With the different profiling, we deliver to our clients soldering which is perfectly adjusted for their products.


Quality inspection - AOI

Our quality control department Is concentrated around automatic checking of our entire production. They rely on our brand new Viscom S3088 Ultra Chrome - 2019 3d automatic optical inspection machine. Some specific products are also checked on our high-resolution microscopes.

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