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Our Production Department, supported by their existing equipment setup is allowed to cover a wide range of THT and C&W operations. A highly experienced team is used to cover every step from preparing and preforming the components to their final soldering on the boards.

Preparing and mounting

Before placing the components on the PCBs all of them been checked based on Bill Of Materials (BOM). Then all the materials are preform and prepared by our machines and then send to manual mounting on the boards. Every time the first stuffed PCB is checked by our QC Department.


Wave Soldering

A big part of our ready boards was soldered by our wave soldering machine Soltec Delta Wave 6622cc - 2016.


Selective and hand soldering

Some of our products cannot be soldered by wave soldering. In these cases, we use our selective soldering machine - Pillarhouse Jade MK|| - 2019. Some of the specific operations and also Touch-up is made by our hand soldering team which is equipped by new JBC soldering stations and repairing stations


Cables and wires (C&W) assembly

With our wide range of machinery in this field, we cover almost every client's wish connected with cables and wires. Our C&W department is equipped with Automatic cutting and stripping Komax Kappa 310 - 2017, semi-automatic crimping GLW MC25 - 2017 and a huge amount of different tools.

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