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The importance of your supply chain

There is currently a significant shortage of processors, ICs and other modules worldwide, to name but a few essential components. This shortage is not something new because even before the corona crisis, the shortages were already increasing. The fact that the corona crisis came on top of that and several factories in Asia remained closed for long periods makes the situation even more complicated.

Delivery times run-up to more than a year

Because of this unique combination of factors, it is all hands on deck for manufacturers of electronics. Some components currently have a delivery time of at least a year. It is therefore essential for companies to have their supply chains in order. The shortage of raw materials is tricky, but thanks to a flexible mindset and talking to as many suppliers as possible so far, we at EPAC have ensured that our production has not experienced any major delays. Nevertheless, the rising cost of components and the lack of transport options from Asia due to the various lockdowns worldwide can still throw a spanner in the works.

Unfortunately, you don't have too much influence on these things. Bringing the assembly and production of (micro) electronics back to Europe can at least mitigate the problem of stuck containers. By doing so, you banish some factors where things can get stuck in your production process. By producing locally close to home, you are no longer dependent on (limited) transport possibilities. The producer of your electronics is bound by the same restrictions as your own company. It is easier to make adjustments in the production process quickly.


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