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Roxana continuously maintains our top level quality

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

EPAC wouldn't be quite the same without its dedicated, highly qualified staff. We are proud of our people, and our people are proud of the work they deliver. That's why, regularly over the next few months, we will be featuring one of our staff members to talk about their experiences within EPAC.

Roxana Hurezanu is responsible at EPAC as THT Department Leader for everything related to THT production. She has been working at EPAC for some time. Before becoming the head of the THT-department, she was in charge of the Quality Team. Not a single PCB goes out in the wild, without being seen by Roxana's former team.

Top level quality

The high quality at EPAC is also demonstrated by the degree of quality control the company applies itself. Every board that comes off the production line is extensively inspected. "We take that very seriously," Roxana informs us. "For example, in SMT production, we first check that the paste has been applied properly. If that's OK, we move on to assembly and final check. This checks whether the components are all neatly attached, whether the polarity is correct, and if everything is in order, we deliver an inspection report. Quality does the checks for the SMT and THT production. A lot is produced, and that requires tight planning. To do our work properly, I coordinate the activities with Iva daily. That way, everyone knows what needs to be done."

MBA comes in handy as an executive

Roxana has worked for several technology companies in Europe. Before joining EPAC over four years ago, she worked in Italy. "I started with 4 hours a week as a quality controller," Roxana continuous. "Originally, I don't have a technical background but a university management education. The nice thing is that I can now put that knowledge to good use while doing what I enjoy!

Roxana has been living in Weert for a while now. "EPAC feels like a family. It is exactly what I was looking for. I can be myself here, and my work is very well appreciated. In addition, I love Limburg. I am having a great time here!"


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