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Roksana is in charge of the smart procurement of all the components we use

EPAC would not be what it would be without its dedicated, highly qualified staff. We are proud of our people, and our people are proud of the work they deliver. That's why, regularly over the next few months, we'll feature one of our staff members to talk about their experiences within EPAC.

Responsible for purchasing and organizing components is purchase manager Roksana. She lives in Weert and, in addition to her work as purchase manager, is still busy getting her MBA at university.

Rapid progression to an office job

A few years ago, Roksana started working in production at EPAC as a summer job through an employment agency. She did not work there for long because she was asked to join the office team as a purchasing officer after a short time. She held this role for over a year and a half. Now that Iva's role has changed to Operational Manager, this opened the way for Roksana to grow into a management position as Purchase Manager. That role fits her like a glove.

"It has been challenging lately to purchase components at the prices we were used to," says Roksana. "This is a continuous puzzle that we fortunately still have well under control. We are therefore able to deliver our productions to our customers on time. This is enormously satisfying, and I am always busy working with our suppliers to ensure that we can meet our delivery deadlines."

EPAC feels like a family business

Roksana recently bought her first home in Weert. "I live close to some of my colleagues," she laughs. "That's handy because they've lived here longer and know their way around. In any case, it feels like a family at EPAC. Everyone helps each other where necessary. Together, we ensure that we deliver the highest possible quality products to our customers. It is also nice that there is room for making mistakes. In my first week as a purchasing officer, I made a wrong order. I didn't realize that until I got home to bed. I didn't sleep all night! Fortunately, it was easy to solve, and we could still change the order. That did teach me that making mistakes is not a bad thing, as long as you fix them. After all, everyone makes mistakes; what's important is what you learn from them and that you grow from them."

EPAC does not only grow on a personal level. For example, the company is in the process of equipping an entirely new SMT hall that will house three fully automated SMT lines.


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