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No chance of ESD at EPAC

EPAC works a lot with very small electronic components. These components are very vulnerable to Electro Static Discharge (ESD). This sounds very technical, but being statically charged can sometimes be noticed when rubbing a balloon or grasping a door handle. These are harmless discharges for humans, but for sensitive electronics, this can quickly become too much.

EPAC has therefore taken various measures to ensure that this discharge cannot damage the sensitive components we work with. For example, there is a special floor in the work area that ensures that everyone working there is continuously discharged. Staff therefore also wear special high-resistance shoes or have a special shoe strap on, which ensures that the static electricity is safely dissipated. Other auxiliary materials such as gloves, wristbands, trays and even our keyboards are therefore made of ESD-proof material.

Thanks to these measures, we reduce the chance of ESD damaging components during our production work to an absolute minimum.


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