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EPAC expands storage with second Kardex Lektriever cabinet

We are manufacturing more and more SMT solutions at EPAC, requiring an increasing number of different components. Currently, we are already using over 13,000 different parts. Many of these components need to be stored in a particular way to prevent them from being damaged by Electro Static Discharge (ESD). To do this properly, we are currently using a Kardex Lektriever cabinet. This special storage cabinet protects against ESD. The Kardex cabinet also monitors humidity and temperature because excessive fluctuations in these can also be disastrous for sensitive components. With the growing number of components that we use, it is time for EPAC to have a second Kardex cabinet. This facilitates our work because components can easily be retrieved electronically and therefore no longer have to be searched for manually. The new cabinet will be put into use as soon as possible so that our specialists can do their work even better.


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