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EPAC B.V. measures against COVID-19

In this period where everyone has a lot of time for new inventions, updates, and testing of new prototypes EPAC B.V. didn't stop normal production. Our departments work with half of their "manpower", but this didn't affect our lead time and quality of our assembly. Our high-speed surface mount lines are supported by only one operator, allowing plenty of social distance.

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EPAC B.V. receives new ISO certificate

With this, we confirm our focus and passion for quality and we continue to build on continuously improving our organization and service package. We serve various customers with our services for industry and consumer electronics.

Wondering what this means for you or how EPAC B.V. can be of service to you?


Visitors from the municipality visit the electronics manufacturer EPAC B.V.

WEERT - Aldermen Wendy van Eijk and Martijn van den Heuvel accompanied by Mathieu Dolders from the municipality of Weert made a company visit to EPAC this morning. A fast-growing electronics contract manufacturer that deals with print assembly, SMT, THT, cable assembly and module construction.


EPAC BV invests in Selective Soldering machine from Pillarhouse

EPAC BV Weert (NL) manufactures customer-specific printed circuit assemblies, where not only the SMD components but also the thru-hole components require perfect soldering. With its investment in the popular Pillarhouse Jade MK-II selective soldering machine, the company guarantees its customers high-quality solder joints.

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