Arno Boot

General Manager/owner

Arno Boot is the General Manager/owner of EPAC BV. He is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Jan Willem Nieuwland

Sales Engineer

Jan Willem is our Sales engineer and responsible for sales and business development.

Eng.Florin Ciubotariu, MSc 

Production Manager

Florin Ciubotariu is responsible for the production of our PCBs. Together with Arno, he works from the start in 2010 at EPAC BV.

Iva Yordanova, LLM

Work preparation, Purchase manager & QMR

Iva Yordanova is responsible for the work preparation process in the broadest sense of the word.

Eng. Svilen Borisov, MSc, PhD

SMT Department Leader

Svilen Borisov is our SMT Department Leader, responsible for our SMT production.


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